Wednesday, August 5, 2009

welcome to our new home

goodbye 3rd floor

hello 23rd floor

we have officially moved in. here are a few pictures of what life in our apartment has looked like these past couple of days. needless to say, we are ready for some furniture. yay for ikea.

right when you walk in our door you see this:

here is the view from our living room:

our bedroom:

our view from our bedroom:

the first day, our first purchase was a shower curtain. we went to this japanese home store to find cleaning supplies and came upon this beauty...

oh yes. only in hong kong you won't be able to find a plain shower curtain. every cartoon you can think of, but not plain. so here we are, swimming with the dolphins. 


  1. Don't lie, that's SO your style!

  2. Love it. Keep the pics coming. Thanks for the shout-out by the way!

  3. Where's your snorkel? Love you, Aunt Beth

  4. love the tour! can't wait to see it !

  5. So sad I missed your call last night (your Friday morning)! I didn't recognize all those numbers! We will try and talk this weekend! Can't wait to see the new digs with furniture! Praying and loving yall!

  6. Your views are fantastic! You will eventually make the apartment yours. Love you!