Monday, August 24, 2009

weird how i can predict

what i'll look like in twenty and forty years from now.

[that's me and my mom and my mimi all around the same age]

i couldn't resist putting these up after mom had scanned in those pictures from papa's birthday. our family [basically mom and i] are obsessed with old pictures and home videos, so she sent about 13 emails of pictures + some more just because she couldn't help herself. here's to you mom and your ridiculously enormous bouquet. 


  1. It's that beautiful smile that you all three share!! I love you & miss you, Mrs. Barbara

  2. i love it! ps just saw a china shipping container in dallas.. thought it was ya'lls stuff and i would just hop in but guess not since you are unpacking today! love you

  3. It does look like I am standing behind a flower arrangement...but I actually carried that down the aisle!