Saturday, August 29, 2009

creative kids

we got on a bus the other day, and i saw this little chinese girl with an art painting in her see through bag. clearly her dad had just picked her up from an art class because she had a colorful crown on her head and her little masterpiece in her hand. on the bag it had a website. 

so here i am now. just remembering about that day on the bus. of course, i hurried to that long box on the top of the computer screen and typed in the web address. what did i find? seriously, i could have just cried i was so excited.

click here.

you think they're accepting volunteers? 


  1. I'll bet they would love to have you!!

  2. I am just about 100 percent positive you should go there and find out.

  3. OK, Well I did cry. Isn't it amazing how HE works in our lives! I Love you!!!!