Tuesday, May 25, 2010

well hellooooo

to week 31.


Hand on the back
is a way better option
than that searching for the hip thing.

I hear he's supposed to grow 3 to 5 more pounds.
What a chunk.

Off to my next doctor's visit on Thursday
where she'll probably tell me
I'm tippin' the scales in my weight and his.
Then I'll remind her that I'm not Chinese.

Monday, May 17, 2010

his frames

Scott put these together.

What a handy guy he is.

It was the last little touch to Noah's room.
[... above his crib]

Mom helped me pick them out [back in Auburn].

We shoved them in our suitcases when we flew back.

Scott thought it was super impractical.

Hello, you can't find shabby little frames in HK.

And what do I do that he thinks is practical?

Yep, I realize they are empty on the inside.
I kind of like that look.
And it gives me enough freedom to fill them in if we get the urge to ... down the road.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Team Dinner

Every thursday night we gather to eat dinner together at the Dean's flat. It is always one of the best parts of the week and a great chance to fellowship with our community here. I could talk a lot about this time and how much everyone enjoys it but it's the little conversations that I'd like to share:

Josh and Caleb had been playing hide-and-seek
throughout the apartment after dinner
was over while everyone was just sitting around talking.

the small conversations we love:
Matt (with Luke in his lap sitting next to Cat): Luke, where is baby Noah?

Luke: Looks around, trying to decide who to point to...

Caleb: (with his mind still being in hide-and-seek mode) Hey, Noah's got the best hiding spot!

Speaking of Noah.
Cat's pretty ready for him to be out of her stomach. About 11 weeks left.

(this is just his head. his whole body can't fit in the screen anymore)

We're just dying to know more details about him.

So the ultrasounds are getting less satisfying, probably
because we're doing it old school style. No
such thing as 3D at our dr. office.

We did hear that he's measuring at a little
over 3 pounds. So when Cat reads the part
about him maybe tripling in size by the time he's born,
her face pretty much drops. Like this:

(by the way, the "bubbles" I was refering to in the last blog are at the top of this picture... showing the different categories of people who should have priority seating on the MTR)

Change of pace:
Now it's me. Cat.
Scott told me to get on here and "fix" it.
What does that even mean?
He's been saying: "update the blog". And then I say "no, you update the blog".
So he gets on here and half way does it so that little stinker can manipulate
me into finishing it up. I know his schemes.

So here's to catch you up on things.

Scott's been wrapping up the first semester of his MBA. I've been seeing A LOT of this:

And wanting A LOT of this:

But I'm needy and pregnant, so who can blame me.

Moving on to my stomach... I can't believe I'm about to put this picture on the computer...

... but then again I can. Because not a whole lot of what I do these days are seeming like me [forgetting things, not thinking of words, ACTUALLY reading the last chapters of my "What to Expect" book, which I said I was not going to do. Because it's frightening.]

Yes, I know my shirt is pulled up. Gross.
Yes, I know you see my belly band. Again, gross.

This picture above I sent to my mom, Scott's mom [who I told to never show anyone, ever. So much for that], and my sister. Y'all have to understand that I can't understand
the hand on the hip pose.

1. Because it's unnatural and I just about put my shoulder out attempting the stupid thing.
2. I had to look in the mirror to find where my hip WOULD be so that I could put my hand on the right spot.
3. It seems to be a necessity to pose like this if you are on the ends of a picture. That's weird. And why are people doing this.

I have been waiting for this thing to open and for the sun to make it's glorious appearance. Which it has. And I'm getting out of control with self portraits.

Funny things about the pool.
No one is there to soak up some sun.
Every one is wearing a Speedo.
It closes during the peak hours of the day: 12-2. Who does that?
No, the pool is not for relaxing,
it's for swimming laps, duh.

Soon and very soon:
Tonight is Friday night. Bunch of us are watching LOST together.

Scott. Yep, he's studying. His last test before summer classes start [and he'll be taking 2 of those.]

Working on our update that's being sent out the end of this month. [If you want one and haven't received one before, let us know.]


You better believe I'm making some Spinach Dip. Mom sent me Vegetable packets this week.

I'll be 30 weeks pregnant this weekend.

We're having over some new Chinese students to eat dinner Monday night. Super happy to introduce them to Mimi's mashed potatoes.

Scott goes to Chengdu [Mainland] on Thursday. For a few days.

She might call me back...
that's a might.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hard to believe...

that in less than three months we will be moving from the third bubble to the second.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hong Kong public transport, this is all over the MTR (subway) and we are just now getting to the point where people will insist that Cat take their seat.

...maybe she will do her part in this whole blog thing and show you a picture of Noah soon (this is sarcasm for those of you that didn't hear me say that).