Sunday, August 26, 2012

the real deal.

[something about that phrase reminds me of my dad. i have no idea why. it just does.
i picture him saying "man, it's the REAL DEAL!" in the country[ist] of ways.]

I'd love to tell y'all about how we laugh and gaze at Noah for our pictures. 
Honestly, we tickle him. 


We force tickle him for a good one. Then he goes back to being Noah. He's a precious Noah, don't get me wrong. Just shedding some light onto our "picture" lives.

[a week-ish away until adelaide comes] 

My sister and I were just talking about our "picture" lives.

And how someone can look at pictures and really not know anything, 
but feel like they know everything.
It's just not so.

Sometimes I'm way more enjoyable than those pictures and other times I'm just rotten. Been having to renew my mind lately about what snapshots are in my head [like what a picture perfect life should, would, or could look like]. It's a yucky down-hill tunnel to slip and slide on. 

Seeing today that I can only look to Jesus for what I am shaping my life to be like and for. He's the only one who should be molding my picture and editing my snapshots [that cheesy one is for you, Mom].

I had been disliking these kind of pictures in my life...
the ones in Asia where my life is a little uncomfortable. 
It's joyful, but it's uncomfortable. 

[riding the scooter, attached with a buckled in seat thingy. not the norm, but it just needed to work for that day. it was that kind of day. like just get me through today because i'm overwhelmed and don't know how else my kid will get to the restaurant with us.]

[noah cleaning up after dinner at a local restaurant. i didn't love that he's sweeping up who-knows-what but now i can see that this is him meshing with the culture and not being afraid of people.]

[adelaide's rocking chair in her room. it's uneven and wobbles when going back and forth over the lamp cord, but this is where we'll spend our days. it doesn't have to be leather or all neutral colors or even "organic bedding". i just have to love her and that's what she'll remember.]

[his not so glamorous but favorite toy in our neighborhood]

these 2 are my favorite. my husband's work clothes:

[an LLBean backpack from elementary school (who even saves things for that long??? scott does.), yellow tennis shoes, and a kid on his shoulders. not what i pictured for the beginning years of our family life. but i am growing to love it.]

thankful that He doesn't allow me [in His goodness!] to go for very long visualizing my picture perfect snapshot life.

 because let's be honest, who wants forced tickle pictures just to make a smile in all their family albums?