Sunday, November 10, 2013

noah's preschool

he's leading noah to glory. and it looks different than the people on his right and left (or on the other side of the world).

this will probably be a forever kind of lesson for me. for his life and for mine.

i spiraled into somewhat of a pity party the first week of noah's school. i just saw what was right in front of me and it was a little rough, a bit bumpy. but then through His word, His voice, and His people (and your prayers), i was pushed to trust. to BELIEVE. that even if noah understands no one, God still speaks! what a beautiful picture of Noah understanding NO THING but God's voice directly in His ears all day at that little preschool. 

you know, i just really do believe that.

so i present to you our monday/wednesday/friday routine. 
he's been going to school now for a little over 2 months.

we start out on our elevator, of course, as we head to my friend's car.

as we wait on carpool. i love this picture because it reminds me of what i thought i wanted: smocked clothes (i still love those things!), a hardee's biscuit on the way to school, and mother's day out. instead i get a mismatched child who actually refused my mashed potatoes last night because he only likes white rice. he loosens me up. 

in my friend's car, about a 6 minute drive. this is noah's best asian friend. he calls him "didi" which means little brother. God's gift to him and to me.

when noah walks out the door, this is addie's typical disposition.

as i wait on the gates to open. yeah so who knew the school pick up line would look so... car-less? lots of grandmothers walk their kids on their backs. some drive. others scoot on their scooters.

picking up noah from school at 12:00. he waits in a little bed, where all his friends take naps because they stay from 8:30-5:30ish.

our way home looks different every day. sometimes a scooter. sometimes a car. we just never know.

we get home in time to eat lunch. sometimes in "sunny block" 
(a place that has lots of restaurants) or at our apartment.

a friend of mine told me that it's completely insane to think that the Lord would have us move all the way over here and not take care of us and our kids better than we can take care of ourselves. he reminded me that He's way too good of a dad to do that.

he's right. and in this time i've seen  good fruit in noah's life through this little school. his crazy, extremely strong willed spirit has softened. he actually hugs me now and tells me he loves me weekly. i really do know that it's because we have walked forward in a YES that's a little uncomfortable.

but He's invading my everything and replacing this hole of fear in my life with faith.