Monday, October 31, 2011

in my jiao shi

so there's this white board that sits in the front of our classroom.

i kid you not... by the end of class, i could read the first character all the way to the last one.

i am seriously impressed. the mind is quite a wonder.

of course [as he is sitting here singing "in my white tee, in my white tee, in my jiao shi"], scott now reads paragraphs of this. but then again, who is surprised.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1 year olds

who else can't get enough of this?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a loss and a win.

Scott left today for a few days out of town, or
I should say city. Big, big loss for us.

But we received a box of goodies. Which means lots of great things. But the main one for me is that this box will be lasting entertainment for the rest of the day for this little munchkin.

His timing is good. Today I experienced it
in the smallest detail on a Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

warms the heart

Those are the sweet and specific words from my Mimi when she saw these videos [below].

Often times I walk in and out of our apartment, to and from class, back and forth on the playground just going through the motions. The motions of what the day holds. What I write down in my cute calendar. Or even what I think will take up the most time so that I can finally call it a day so Scott and I can eat something chocolate and watch some kind of funny episode of something wonderful on our laptop.

Then Mimi sends me a text. [I feel like you need me to pause. Yes Mimi is my grandmother. Yes she texts. It's amazing. We use "Textfree". I love it over here.] Saying her heart is warmed by seeing these people love Noah.

And then He goes even further to warm mine...

Today at lunch I had someone speak a blessing over me. Saying that by the very sight of our "young" family being here, this person's parents finally saw the picture of Him loving East Asia. That He would send young families to share their lives with them. With their children. People of a different language, a different nation.

On my walk back to our apartment, I strolled Noah with purpose. I smiled and waved and spoke with radiant light beaming out of me.

He gave them understanding.
He gave me a warm heart.