Monday, June 17, 2013

staying put

sometimes i walk around this place i wonder how i even got here.
[pictures taken on my walk this morning.]

for all my little life, all i've ever known for summers is alabama.

it's my normal.

i'm starting to see a pattern lately in my relationship with the lord... how he loves to shake things up. 

i think it's so that i can see the stuff that still stands. 
you know, when all the fluffies are gone.

i want for my house to be found on that rock in matthew 7. that after i have a summer away from my usual spot, the winds could blow and the rains could come. 

they could come and sweep away all my comforts so that i could really see and know 
the rock that upholds me.

so here we are. staying put (away from alabama) for the summer.

with my cute kids [most days].

and my sweet, happy husband [i swear, it's every day].