Tuesday, March 30, 2010


[this past winter = a must for changing to black + white]

seriously. is it the American food or just being at the front end of 6 months?
strangers now look down at my belly and then smile. you know, the smile where
they're still trying to figure out if i'm old enough to be out of high school.

we're "home" and loving the visit. it's weird that we're here. then again it's weird that it's not weird. so many people we've run into. spent time with. places we've eaten. i've only taken pictures once. isn't that terrible/typical?

i love coming here not feeling attached [to the place]. i was scared about that at first. scared that i would want to be back. nope. not at all. God has confirmed us being in hk through the smallest of things. i love that. soooo encouraged to be where we are. and that has come through many conversations with family/friends. super grateful for those.

so much has been going on.
can't wait to share a few [when we think through it all] at the end of our trip.
i'll make scott do that post.
he'll be good with some bullet points.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 weeks.

I officially can no longer suck it in.
But i did eat a cheeseburger today.
Maybe that's why.

My sister will be the first to tell me
that taking a picture of myself
in front of the mirror with my phone
is super lame.

She pretty much gags when she sees these kinds of pictures.
I used to gag with her.
All of the sudden I don't care.
It actually became a great idea in my head.
Wait, what's happening to me?

Here's Noah:

[His head is on the very right, with his face pointing up. Then there is his tummy, and on the very left are his scrunched up legs. That tiny little black spot in the center is his heart. It was beating so fast.]

Dr. Chan said he is a little over 5 inches.
Same due date: July 31st.
We saw his stomach, heart, and all the little body parts.
"Very normal", she kept saying.
He even did a little spin for us.
Noah is still very much a little boy.