Friday, August 7, 2009


things are like that here, random things. like waiting in line.

when waiting for our little bus to leave the New Town Plaza [a mall close to where we live],  people stand in these zigzag lines...

bars don't separate the people, just lines drawn on the ground. who really follows that rule? people here.

i pray for the day they will be lined up for this, thirsting for true Life.

last summer, before scott and i ever knew that hong kong was even an option, the lord showed me a picture. it was during worship. matt, scott, and jason were at the front serving communion. that was when i saw a picture of many chinese people rushing down the isles. lines and lines of them. 

oh how i pray for this to come to life.


  1. amazing! i pray for that ya!

  2. Praise God. I think the best thing about you and Scott, and the rest of the staff for that matter, is that you are so willing to pick up and move to see things like this happen simply because you know that no place on this earth could ever truly be your "home."