Thursday, August 27, 2009

an outlet

everybody's got one. you know the kind. it's when you've just got to get away to vent, to do something that's refreshing. that feeling of escaping from everything that's going on.

everybody's looks different. a few examples? sure.

this might be mom's
[just kidding, but really.]

for some it could be

for others
[games: definitely not mine.]

i know we often view outlets in a way that something just cluttered our lives and we need to let it all out. but what if we shifted that perspective a little? lately scott and i have been poured into so much by the other people on our team. i feel like we have been helped tremendously during our transition in moving to hong kong. so much so that i feel like a blowfish.

so full of encouragement that i could just burst.

great news. my special outlets arrived a few days ago. scott and i are excited about "venting" it all out to these two little m&ms.


  1. you captured my pose perfectly. only you my friend.
    appreciate the friends you are to us. so glad to be here with you!
    -the first "m"

  2. Hi, my name is Katie Stevens, I am a friend of the Deans and i often look at your blog. I am 13 years old and looooovvee to draw, that much we have in common;(although i am pretty positive you do it a lot better than i do!)But as much as i loovvee watching for your newest drawing, i also love reading your posts about what God is doing in your life that you share.

    Thanks for doing what you do! I'll be praying for you!

    ~Katie Stevens. ;-)

  3. hey katie. so neat to hear from you. isn't it awesome how God can use the things that we loooove to do [like drawing] for His glory? he equips us in such unique ways, yet he uses those very things to grow us in relationship with Him... and to encourage each other. you're so sweet.