Thursday, August 13, 2009


it's happening. and i love when it does. today's progress was a comforter. this was such an improvement from the sleeping bag that totally didn't stretch out across our whole bed. it was a single man sleeping bag that we unzipped all the way. let's talk about that little noise maker.

it has a few too many of these

everyone knows scott's ability to have such an endless supply of wiggles [and of course my abundance of patience]. so you could only imagine the tapping of those stupid zippers on the side of the bed [or the end or the top. they're everywhere].

i felt like a grumpy old hag.

good thing we're back to smiles now.


  1. this picture of yall is aboslutely precious.

  2. haaaaahahhha I love this one

  3. faces! yes!
    p.s. does scott have a bowl on his head?

  4. Shout out to the construction company t-shirt! Are you working on your Hong Kong photo pose? Don't you need two fingers in the air?