Sunday, August 9, 2009

directionally challenged

anyone else feel this way? when i am trying to decide which way to go, i listen to my head say right and then i know i should go left. it's as if i should do the opposite of whatever would be my initial thought.
so far, that whole process isn't working that well for me. maps just look like a bunch of colorful lines someone scribbled down. therefore i'm a follower in these situations.

i know i'm not alone in this. i get it honestly. meet the bunch that make me feel normal about it.


  1. You can go ahead and add my picture in there as well!!

  2. How did my Indian blood miss all my girls?

  3. I'm guilty!! Thank goodness for GPS.

  4. Hey now hey now.. I don't know why my picture is even up there. I showed about 5 girls how to get to Outback last night. So long as I'm in Auburn I can pretend to be good at directions allll I want