Sunday, August 16, 2009

rain and numbers

a couple of random observations for you today:

1. what's it like when it rains in the city?
wish we could see up through the sea of umbrellas to tell you. you fight for it to bring your own umbrella back down. the downside: it's like you might want to get somewhere fast, but your umbrella made you ten minutes late. the upside: you may just stay dry from everyone else's and won't have to tote your own around.

2. bet you can't guess the unlucky number around here.
[picture taken in our elevator].
pretty confusing. we thought we were in an eight building complex, but nope. just seven. they love to skip a number.


  1. Love, love, love the blog!!! You guys are AMAZING! Love u... Jana

  2. I watched enough Sesame Street--I think I can guess it! But that would be cheating since you already told me.

  3. Mom is cheesy, but I love it