Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ok so here is blog post number two from me (scott).

One thing that has hit me more than anything else in being here is just the sheer amount of people that we are surrounded by day in and day out.  In our apartment complex alone there are easily over 7,500 people (which is a bit different than the maybe 20 that lived in our last complex), and our complex is one of the smaller ones around where we live. 

You see apartment buildings everywhere you look when you walk out of our main entrance.  I wanted to try and give you a small glimpse into what it is like to walk through the crowds and experience something I experienced for the first time the other day.  So let me set the scene to this little video real quick.  Jason, Micah and I were with two of our new friends, Sam and Jo, on Hong Kong Island (which is the business district, so downtown basically). We were trying to get back towards home. This is what we came across in the MTR.  Please excuse the terrible quality of the video.  I am not good at video and we were in a hurry so hopefully you will get the picture.

(I thought the music suited well and I just was playing with imovie and thought it would be fun to try.)

It was crazy to be there and this does not even start to capture exactly how many people were on the MTR.  At times, it can be very overwhelming both in the lack of personal space but also in thinking about trying to make an impact into lives here.  This has been a thought of mine throughout our first four weeks here (oh and it's hard to believe we have been here that long).  

Throughout this time of processing how to handle all of this, the Lord brought me to the passage in Matthew 18 where Jesus is talking about the the lost sheep. I was reminded of why we are here in the first place.  For the one.  That is how Jesus operated his ministry.  He lived life intentionally beside a few individuals whose lives were then changed and in turn they did the same thing.  I pray that I would be about that.  

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  1. scott,

    the song fit perfectly -- you're quite the imovie maker.

    thanks for your thoughts. thinkin about ya'll today.