Wednesday, August 19, 2009

to my papa

i wish a happy birthday.

let's start from the beginning... with this man [my great grandfather]. isn't he so cute?

[and we wonder why people assume that our family is slightly Chinese.]

which led to this little guy: earlon.

this class president
grew up to be such a stud.

which worked in his favor...

he entered the working world

and soon started a family
[check out mimi's hair!]

a wonderful father

and grandfather                                                                    

he has taught us...

yeah right. 

and how to say war eagle from the time we could talk.

he's one of those all around kind of people. one that you don't have to wonder how his family fits into his day. we [speaking for the grandkids] know we are treasured by our papa by the way he lives his life. 

papa, if i were in auburn i'd hand you this.


  1. several things:
    1. Chineeeeeese! Oh I so see it!
    2. Mimi's hair...O. M. G!
    3. Brenda-then looks just like Brenda-now!
    4. I'm apparently going to comment on EVERY post. Deal with it!

  2. so sweet!! That just might be the best Happy Birthday I have ever seen!

  3. Thank you Catherine---You are awesome!!!
    I love you,

  4. I really wasn't going to a Halloween party with that hairdo---I was styling!! In order to get that magnificent "do", a visit to the beautician was required and also a hair piece called a "wiglet" added on which produced that BIG HAIR! Then in order to preserve it until the next weekly visit to the salon, we wore something that looked like a big shower cap (while sleeping) so that it didn't move (think Dolly Parson hair). Can't believe that we thought it looked good, but we did. That was in the late sixties--and a little glimpse into what we went through to be glamorous. Ha Ha.

    Loved your post and tribute to Papa---made his day and mine too.

    Love you so much,

  5. EWood is crying! SHOCKER! You are so sweet!!!!

  6. Cat, this was so great. You are a sneaky little thing, posting those kinda pictures from across the world. Maybe a piglet or two helped you out? LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!

  7. and p.s. Mac could pass for the horse picture

  8. Love this post!! The pic's are GREAT!!! Just showed my mom, she thought it was wonderful as well...gonna have to show this one to BK for sure!! Is that dog Niblet?!?! Funny if so...I remember that pooch!!