Sunday, November 4, 2012

aunt beth

got an email yesterday. titled "halloween 2012".
of course it was none other than aunt beth. 

i'm very curious about how this picture even happened. 
but it did. and i love it. 

so there it is. not her family by the pumpkins, but her bull dogs. 
bull dogs that noah absolutely admires.

there are few people who could manage to get my grandfather [mom's dad] 
to do some rock-and-roll fingers.

my aunt is one of them.

she's always been fun. my poor mom had to deal with me referring to her being so much fun all my life. i always viewed mom as the straight "A" student who did no wrong.

and while most of that is true, she has a spunky side as well. but i'm convinced
that didn't come until she met my dad.

[during mom's recovery]

photo shoots with dad in charge.
they never disappoint.

bottom line.
i love random emails.
ones that make me do about a bajillion bunny trails
of just why i love those people as much as i do.

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