Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the morning sun

if you are friends with my friends, then you have seen pictures of what this city often looks like in the winter. it's interesting to see pictures of what some people think is "depressing winter" at home. as i read their blogs, i look out of my window. it kind of makes me laugh. kind of.
the winter here is just a different kind.

i stopped at the top of the hill to take a picture. i was on a walk, desperately needing it. 
time away and time with Him.

i had received an email that morning from my sister. attached was an iTunes gift of a song titled "the morning sun". and the bottom of the email read...

"that you would receive each day as if the sun was beaming there. 
because it IS. you just can't see it"

i love that beyond these clouds is a blue, crisp sky. i just have to believe it's there. 

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