Wednesday, October 31, 2012

knee how

for all i know, that's probably what he thinks it is.

 [these pictures are from home this past summer]

"Ni hao" = "hello" around here.
you say both the words like you are going
down a roller coaster and coming back up again.
sounds strange? i know, tell me about it. try figuring it out for
every. single. word.

and just because... 

well just because God was being sweet yesterday [all the time, i know, but i took of the blinders to see it that afternoon], Noah walked past a neighbor and said "ni hao!". to which the neighbor replied "ni hao!!".

[lake martin, summer 2012]

i got a snapshot. one that holds much, much hope for my kiddos to understand this language. and speak it back.

and that was good for my day.

[lake martin, summer 2012]

i might feel like my head is bobbing above the water,
 but that was like one long bob. 
high above the water.

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