Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 1

We've watched this little guy.

And he's tested us a lot.
Which leads to the explanation of Mom bringing this book along with her.
Ironically, she read it while I was his same age.

Watched Curious George over and over again.
Of course, the stuffed animal has to sit beside us every morning that this goes on.

Waited on a bus that took us to sandwiches for our tummies and butter for our fridge.

[We waited an hour and it took an hour to our grocery store
with import foods and a Subway nearby.]

I've loved this first week with Mom here and it's flown by.

I've seen this city, my son, and my marriage in a new way.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to shift my view.

And I like my view being shifted.

Because my old ways are getting... well, old.

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