Friday, March 30, 2012


Mom showed me a pretty funny picture the other day [above]. She took it while we were walking around our apartment complex and ran into our friends. Mom mentioned this picture being a perfect image to sum up her time here [as far as Noah's interactions and our reactions].

We also made a couple of trips to the hospital during her last week here.
One was a surprise and one was planned.

[apparently noah has me making this face a lot lately. well, this one and another one.
which happens to be too scary to put on our blog. sometimes scott tells me it's like fire blowing out of my ears. great.]

Noah had a misstep and hit the back of his head, resulting in 3 stitches. He finally got them out yesterday. A little ashamed to say I made Scott and two of our guy friends go instead of me. I just can't take seeing all that yucky stuff again.

The other was a trip to see the little baby at 17 weeks. Mom got brave and decided to give it another go. I felt like we needed to redeem her first-time-chinese-hospital experience, probably traumatic since she had to be in the room holding her grandson down so that he could get stitches. Way to go, Noah.

This is beautifully captured. How do I feel when I am asked questions and have to have my heart beat measured by putting on some weird wrist thing and then holding it to my chest? twice?

Embarrassed and confused.

Which 9 out of 10 times calls for this: Group Intervention.

[which usually makes my head itch. does that happen to anybody else?]

[i realize this seems silly because you can't really see the baby, but his/her head is on the left. haven't found out the gender yet. hoping the doctor and nurse will be really sweet and tell us next time.]

I can already see Mom laughing that I put a solo picture of her on here.

For some reason, it just felt right.

I was excited that our appointment was the day before she had to leave.
She came with us, heard a heartbeat, and saw the baby move.
It was a perfect way to end her time here.
Happy and hopeful.

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  1. You and that baby of yours (and that momma of yours) are the cutest.