Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our normal.

After I got a call from Anne Marie this afternoon, Mom and Noah and I threw some shoes on
and headed to our "downtown",
if you will.

[Mom bending down to get a picture, so of course Noah had to do the same]

Trying to rally Noah. The only thing that works
is pretending that we see Albus [his favorite dog]
or Maddox [his favorite friend].

I am grateful for space for the boys to run and play. It's a little place called Sunny Block and it's 5 minutes away from our apartment.

It's random. And it's East Asia.
Airplanes, swings, and random flower beds.

[i hated every second of riding these things. i wanted mine to stay on the ground and forgot to ask how to do that very thing before it took off. no seatbelt. only a metal bar on the side with my hand glued to it.]

What do we do while they play with flowers and walk in straight lines?

We talk.
It's small things and big things, but they're special.

And i don't care if she has her jacket tied around her waist.
And she doesn't care if my hand is awkwardly touching the nasty pole.