Thursday, March 22, 2012

7:15 - 8:15

I'm convinced that all of these pictures were taken right
after Noah woke up [at the familiar 7 AM] and ate his oatmeal.

I recently heard a wise woman say that children are not our [mom's and dad's] burden to carry. I have to say I haven't quite wrapped my mind around what that means, but when I heard it I knew it was good news. Because Noah and this little baby to come is the Lord's.
Mine and Scott's to teach and care for, but His to carry.

As I was riding my scooter back home from class today [still not normal], a word
popped into my mind.


These days seem a little rough to me. Mom just made the comment "there's a reason young people have babies". It's true. Physically demanding.

But today I saw a word in my mind and it was delight.
It went like this...

delight in noah.
delight in this place.
delight in My glory.

wanting His Spirit to churn and produce this delight because I can't.

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