Monday, November 2, 2009


I love to do this through pictures. It's a slight obsession of mine. Old pictures, old memories. I can't seem to get enough. My sister makes fun of me and my mom for this. Our conversation usually looks a little like this:

Hey Sarah, remember that time when...
[I'm usually holding up a picture when saying this]

That's usually when Sarah inevitably uses these particular bunch of words:

Memory Lane is closed.
[then that's usually followed by a "go away"]

It's true, I love looking at old pictures. So, yesterday I was going through this old album and stumbled upon what might be the first picture of me and Scott. It's hilarious to me.

We had just landed in Swaziland, Africa and got on a this little bus with our team to head toward the place we would be staying. I happened to sit by this guy named Scott. Of course the whole time he was singing [to HIS OWN tune] and making noises, the very things that absolutely drive me up the wall. I remember us being some of the only ones who didn't fall asleep on that bus ride, so we took this picture.

And because I just can't stand to not show you some more, here the few I had:

It was the most unexpected trip of my life.

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  1. This blog gives me chills. I love y'alls story. It's one of the best ever. And just a little disclaimer- contrary to making me look like a memory lane GRINCH, I love old pictures... just none of me from the ages of 7-13. And oh boy, is there a plethora of them...