Monday, November 9, 2009

a little bit of this. a little bit of that.

What in the world have we been up to?

missing snow [not me. but scott]
.:learning about prayer.

booking flights.
[These two are visiting over the holidays. yay!!]

spending time with university students.
[this is my friend, Cecilia]

[picture from our conversational english class that we help out with on sundays.]

running. playing basketball. soccer. blah blah blah.

and i bet you can't guess what happens in lots of our free time.
[hint. hint.]

reading through this book of the Bible as a team.
[thank you stevens family for this commentary. scott is loving it.]

missing random expressions that can only be found in spur of the moment kind of things.

[I was dying for a perfect time to put this one up. You can thank mom.]

pressing repeat

[shane and shane's new album]

asking scott to get off of repeat.

[Our thanks can usually go to my Joyful Noise Maker right here if we ever have a song stuck in our head, whether it's a normal song or not. So this is the face he usually makes at my reaction -- my sweet, patient reaction -- to his repetitiveness. Of course repeat is in his very nature. He just can't get enough.]

dreaming of rocking babies.
[I met a woman who does this weekly at an orphanage near where we live. I asked her how many babies were in the room last week, she replied 18. Really? Yep, 18 little babies waiting to be rocked. Tell me that doesn't make you want to just pack your bags and head over here...]


  1. love this one, cat. so good to be able to keep up with yall. i'm so proud of you!