Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the neighbors.

I know I've talked some about the sweet little one, Breanna, but her Mom is also just something else. She just knocked on my door to give me this:

Oh yeah. It's an ice cream maker. Cracks me up. She probably thinks I'm somewhat obsessed because of my little ice cream trips with her daughter. When I opened the door, she said:

Breanna told me that you have made ice cream before
and that you enjoy it. So here is
a gift for you.

{The only time I have ever made ice cream is with Mrs. Barbara [Scott's mom] the VERY FIRST time I came to their house to eat dinner with the family. She handed me the recipe and said it could be my job. We laugh so hard thinking about it because she now knows how much I didn't know about cooking. I was terrified. I love those kind of memories.}

Oh, and Ben... here's to you:
You say you need to see some more of us, so i figured this face should last you a while. This is the one he does to make me laugh so hard. He crosses his eyes and it's just too much. I hope you've seen this side of him.

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  1. Now when you get back you can take your popcorn machine and your ice cream maker and host a carnival! :]