Sunday, October 11, 2009

One year ago

I was taking classes at Auburn.
Scott was seeing Hong Kong for the first time.
We were one month away from getting married.

And a year ago to this day, I opened my mailbox to find this little artsy shocker. 

And I thought the same thing: Why in the world is Scott Littlepage trying on purple [skinny] jeans. It makes me laugh so hard now. For me, it kind of represents the first of many shockers along the path to being in Hong Kong. 

In the best way.


  1. cat! that is so so so weird that you just posted that. just yesterday, andrea was going to homecoming. i told mom, "a year ago today catherine and i went to see sarah. wow, a lot happens in a year!" love yall, and hope you are doing well!

  2. i will never forget this moment... i laughed so hard!

  3. I've got a pair of skinny jeans in a very similar shade of purple to what Scott is trying on, and i've got another pair in green too. I love uniqlo, a pity there's nothing like this in Wales. Hope you both are doing well with the team in Hong Kong.

  4. hey! i sent you that picture!! glad to remember it with you guys! laughing really hard this morning! you better take a picture and send me if he ever buys any!!!