Monday, October 19, 2009

color wheel

I've seen one in a whole new way this past week.

[yes, our tall jason created it.]

I love looking at this sweet piece of paper in our office [slash] guest bedroom [slash] not really because it's way too small to have anyone stay in there unless you sleep indian style. 

Rich conversations have led up to this paper having colors and facets of people, passions, and giftings.

When i stare at it, my eyes do that blurry thing. You know the one... Where you want to stop staring but you can't because it feels so good that you keep doing it until your eyes water. Looking like this.

And i love the blur. While I know we each have particularly unique + individual color we express in life, the blur allows me to see beyond myself. I so need my name blurred way more than I choose to make it. 

When i zoom out of my name and stare at the big picture, I can see how brilliant the Lord is with all the shades He has created. 

I love a good color wheel.


  1. LOVE THIS! great way of putting everything. a lot of talented people in there..

  2. Scott and Cat,
    I love reading your insights and musings. It looks like the Lord has placed many of His promises right there in your rainbow of friends.
    Aunt Amy

  3. i am glad for your colors. they are some of my favorite. love yall.