Wednesday, July 15, 2009

shipping day

because scott and i didn't have our personal one of these this morning:

we found that borrowing this is the definitely the way to go.

::the perks to our little helper::

*it carries so many boxes at a time
*we don't have arguments looking like this: "cat, if you could just shove 5 more boxes in your arms, then we could carry these 14 down in only one trip." [i know, so appealing right?] 
*and it makes the boxes feel like we do when we're floating in the pool. weightless and wonderful.

after our morning fun with Dolly, we headed to the Dean's to load our stuff on the back of an 18 wheeler. the 40 foot container will drive to California and hop on a boat headed to China. needless to say, we're exhausted [let's be serious, we=scott] and we're excited. this was shipping day. 18 more days is moving day.


  1. 1. Umm, your moving "man" looks quite pregnant.
    2. I could read this post in Google Reader!
    3. Let's be honest, 18 days does not seem long enough!

  2. to #2: i know! turns out i was doing something wrong the whole time. yay google reader.