Wednesday, July 22, 2009


is for Sarah Ashley.

we took our three [and a half] year old friend swimming yesterday. she has learned her ABC's. so of course, she always tells us S stands for Sarah Ashley and for Scott, C is for Catherine, and J for Jesus. i meant to bring my camera, but since i forgot, the cartoon version will have to suffice. 

meet Sarah Ashley:

she loves to dance and shake her hips to "1,2,3!" when jumping off the side of the pool. much to the dismay of her father, she sings "i love rock and roll" at the top of her lungs whenever asked.

::on a serious note: this sweet girl soaks up every ounce of love her parents give to her and pours it out freely. she already has the gift of hospitality. come to her house and she almost automatically asks if you want to come upstairs to see her dress up room and book shelves. we're grateful for her parents and how they've modeled what it looks like to raise kids with the knowledge of the Lord. 

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  1. Y'all are so sweet :-) SA loved seeing her "picture" on your blog.

    So sorry we missed you today!! We were upstairs - 'trying' to get the kids to help pack. SA LOVES the pics. I told her to pick one - she said she loves all of them :-)

    Gregory and Gabe are trying to figure out "the toy" - so fun!