Tuesday, July 7, 2009

attitude adjustment

i know. you're automatically assuming that i have to be talking about scott. so for a second, let's just pretend that this is about me. ever since this whole packing thing has started up, i have taken on some kind of awful attitude. you know the one... where everything is revolved around me? let me draw you a little picture of what that has been like:

     big Dowe used to say "the Queen has arrived". [i can still hear the sarcasm in my dad's voice]. and let me tell you, this title has been quite fitting.

             and this is the way i have been picturing scott [or even better: expecting scott to be.]

the problem?
well yes, there are many of them in this picture. but how does my attitude get so messed up to where i think that it is me who is the main character of everything. i need an attitude adjustment. 

                          and why is it so hard to do the very thing that brings perspective?

1 comment:

  1. i love you so much. and i might make you draw me a copy of the picture at the bottom.