Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh goodie.

check it out. we got spoiled.
jen and brandon gave us all we need and more in supplying us with...

yep. twenty four hours of travel to our new home. pretty sure we will never get bored. for my sweet tooth and my side of the goodie bag:
[oh yes. ultra fine point sharpies.]

and as for scott... his sister knew exactly what he loves. any guesses?

yep. math and candy.
thank you jen for the ::keep scott busy:: books. that's what we'll call them. 

but our favorite goes to these:

there's something so special about handwritten cards. they are colorful and full of life. we love it.


  1. this is fantastic. the cards look so neat!

  2. What a great idea Jennifer! Don't know how you had the time to do it but I know it will mean so much to Scott and Cat over the next year as they remember how the trip started.
    Scott and Cat, I'll be praying and smiling as I think about your journey. Stay in touch and keep posting!
    Love, Aunt Julie

  3. I'm so glad yall liked everything! Only about 24 more hours (give or take a few) until you begin the most exciting adventure of your lives! Can't wait for all that is to come! Love yall!!

  4. P.S. Remember that "easy" crossword puzzle book is just for you! :)