Saturday, September 19, 2009

garbage disposal.

we don't have one right? right. not a big deal. lots of people don't.

i've never not had one. so i'm a newbie at putting that funny little strainer over the drain. the concept is okay. the reality is gross to me. so there i stand in the kitchen, feeling the fumes coming out of my ears because i really don't like doing it. isn't that weird? it's just food that is wet. but it's food THAT IS WET. you know what i mean?

food + wet = soggy
[it's a word i can't stand saying, like i bend my knees and do a weird shrug of my shoulders type thing].

i have a choice here. i can be a snob about it and have a fuming pity party
i can use it to humble myself.

oh the bittersweet moments.

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