Sunday, September 27, 2009


it's a new thing to me. either you're from one of those game families or your not. i'm not. we did weird things, like:

1. put on concerts for our parents. our favorite part was when dad would say "INTRODUCING... SARAH AUGHTMAN". then sarah would come in and do a cheer. probably "who rocks the house" if my memory serves me correctly. "go jets! we're number 1!"
2. we would guess which bird noise dad was making... only to find a screeching crow at the end of the line up.  i guess the game phase of mine and sister's lives were spent growing up in beauregaurd. so give a break. 

it just all depends on where you're coming from.

some like board games

some like cards

  others just prefer keeping score.
[let's just all agree that malorie winning was the best thing that could happen for mary and zach's relationship.]


  1. your family is precious!! love ya!

  2. hahahhha. And such a GREAT score keeper you were.

    The card game winner

  3. oh or what about the school teacher days CAT? you forgot about that one. "Sarah, you can't get up until you learn the whole compass rose." I believe I was around 5...little do your team members probably know the depth of your true competitive spirit! :)

  4. Catherine- I have just spent probably 45 minutes of my work day reading your blog from start to finish and WOW- so refreshing!!! You are truly talented artistically and have blessed my day through your posts. I will be lifting you and Scott up in my prayers daily and I will look forward to reading your blog! Thanks! Love, Sarah {Smalley} Dudley

  5. hey, everyone needs a scorekeeper!