Saturday, June 30, 2012

coming and going

it's that time of year over here in Asia.

[picture taken last october]

[last november. they loved these chairs. at the same time.]

i've heard people talk about it but i have yet experienced it. until today.

the sad part about closing out a year.
for saying goodbye to friends that we've lived around for a year. 
thankful for all that's been done in and through and around me, but still sad.

[thailand. january.] 




you see, i get really comfortable with... well, things that make me comfortable. this family was one of those things:

we had to say goodbye today. 

it was hard. because they're going. and we're staying.

one's not better than the other.
and one's not easier either.

i could just boo hoo in my room all night, but in His provision [a way that only He could be thoughtful enough to plan out], this family is coming:

jason and malorie are here for a glorious week that i wish was a glorious year. [but i can't have everything, now can i.] and a much much much appreciated plane flight back WITH US to the States. they're incredible. and even cuter than this cute picture. i know, right?

thank you lord for doing what You do. for making things make sense when i thought they didn't.

thank you that with the going, there is the coming.


  1. Oh gosh. I am boo hooing now too [again]. Perfect post. Love you

  2. Cat, great post. . . great pics and thoughts! I hope you guys are well.

  3. We can't wait to see you all!!!