Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 blurbs

I'm just not great with it. With collecting details and sharing them frequently.

I am better at blurbs. Blurbs that come with month-long pauses, apparently. 

SO much happens in a month, now that I think about it. And more than just 5 things. I'll save the others for another day.

1. Noah got hand foot and mouth disease. We think. So said the doctor that we called. Great news is that it went away and that people were also getting it in America. Not trying to rejoice in someone else's sufferings, just love when I find out that something weird in Asia might actually be a normal happening in America.

No worries, we are back to digging in the dirt, putting rocks in the mouth, and sliding down slides [head and hands first] that others with "splint pants" have previously been down. An adventurous, messy life this little boy leads.

And then I got some funky eye thing a couple of times.

But that doctor's appointment lead to a really great surprise of an ultrasound from a western doctor [Chinese doctors are not able to say the sex of the baby] ...

2. We are having a girl. Really excited. I feel like I don't see enough new people where I live to really express that excitement. My tiny community here already knows we are happy about it, so it's strange not being able to express "it's a girl!" to random run ins at church and restaurants and downtown. We love a sweet little [kind of long] name. Didn't even realize how much I'm set on it until I saw it in a friend's handwriting the other day.

Hopefully these hormones won't change my mind. Because it's so pretty.

3. Noah's been cute. And a mess. I wonder if those two words will some up his presence at each phase of life. I hope so. He adds some serious spunk and sparkle to my days. And bruises. But those fade, so I'm okay with it.

4. I've been growing.

[there really is no need for belly pics. this was me at 22 weeks. use your imagination. WAY bigger now because i'm 29 weeks. and don't think solo pics are fun any more. wait. were they ever?]

5. Scott's been... well, he's just been hunky dory. Really number 5 could say the same as number 3. Scott's also a cute mess. Can't help but make that tangible for you...

[Noah's screaming "hey baby"]


  1. Great post. . . loved the "hey baby" video!

  2. Cute video and love your blurbs.

  3. So excited for you to have a little girl!! Noah is adorable!!

  4. oh my glad to see that you are doing well, having a GIRL (love her name!) and that sweet little boy of yours is growing up!

    hate that i missed visiting with you at the wedding a few weeks ago....

    maybe I won't see you again til you're back with little baby girl?!?!?