Sunday, January 29, 2012

tickles to combat fits

noah has been pretty good with throwing some tantrums.

for example, not getting to touch scott's computer. that's usually a BIG upset.
or really to not do something that scott does is always an upset.

a couple of years ago, i sat back and stared at parents whose kids were out of control in public.

it didn't make sense.
just make them stop pitching fits. tell them sit in their chair at dinner. put them in their room. stop screaming. come on.

then came noah. wow has he forced me to look at people with grace. now i get it. more than anything it teaches me what's in my heart. noah can make a scene on the outside and i sure can on the inside... just with a sweet smile to cover it up, of course.

this baby has high highs and low lows.

that's just how he is right now. can't wait to tell him about it when he's all grown up and socially poised, right? praise Him that His goal isn't well behaved children.

so yesterday, scott's remedy was to tickle him right out of a fit.

and that little bit was good for that day.


  1. Curly, we could definitely be brothers now.

  2. love this and your my twin says, 'parenting is not for wimps' AND love the two boys with the long and longer curly locks!! can't wait to show Jared! {Scott's the one he says he misses most from the summer...maybe they could SKYPE?}