Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on biting and hitting...

As I was skype messaging my Mom [why weren't we just talking? weird],
I told her that Noah wants to bite and hit his only little best friend he has.

These are Mom's next fix it sentences:

"Pretty soon you will be able to do a time out or take something away...

Then he will grow up to be a teenager and slam his door and say he hates you."
[this was totally me, by the way]

"Then he will turn 20 or 21 and he will love you again.

Or maybe sooner, but he won't admit it."

It made me laugh instead of cry. Oh how horrid I was when I was little. And oh how things come back around.

I've tried the soap method... putting a tiny bit of soap on his tongue if he bites, then he would immediately hate it and therefore quit biting.


That may be most kids, but Noah did the signal for "more". He wanted me to put more soap in his mouth.

That stinker.


  1. I wouldn't change Noah a bit. He's just Noah. and we love him so much!

  2. He is literally perfect! Sigh. Could NOT get any cuter. Everything is a stage, and this too shall pass. Just hang in there...we are going to look back and miss these days.
    I would love to hold him and kiss those cheeks!

  3. JJ didn't do the biting but HIT he did...everyone for a while especially before he could Noah's in good company;} My friend tried to cheer me up by saying that she thought his love language was physical touch:} I think she's kind of he still tries to touch his friends and tackle them when he wants to play...hang in there. be firm. and you're not alone...and yes, he is so cute! growing up and looking more like his mischievous father every day! Blame him for everything...that will make it all better mama:} and hugs to you all!