Monday, November 28, 2011

war eagle, hey.

i'm not quite sure why, but the first few pictures i tried to "fix" the massive spot of water on his shirt. then i thought, okay really? how about i stretch myself. how about becoming carefree about what people think of my son's habitual water spitting outing. and everything else for that matter. but one thing at a time, people.

let's be honest. there's a fun fact about being over seas...

nobody, other than the americans, care much about football.

win or lose, it doesn't really matter to a whole lot of people.

that's the awesome[ness] in still sporting around an auburn bandana. nobody cares.
it's just fun and orange.

at least in noah's eyes it is.
war eagle.


  1. he is the cutest munchkin in the world.

  2. cat, just found your blog through kelsey's! i am lovvvvinng the precious pics of noah and the bandana. i bet it was even cuter in person. love that kid and his parents! miss you! -anna mo