Monday, November 21, 2011

quite the duo

aren't they?
scott didn't know i was trying to film him.
and he didn't even care once he saw that i was.

wishing i knew how to make the video shorter,
but i'm thinking that just getting a video on here is doing pretty good.

so you'll just have to see noah getting excited to see his best little friend.


  1. Wow you must have a very musical house :) What a cute video!

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  3. Sorry, I messed up my first comment...time for bed!

    Here's another go::

    Hey you all...sending you love from here and just wanted you to know I've been checking glad you have this blog and I can 'see' you! And Scott is ready for another buzz, huh?;} {xoxo to Cat and Noah from me and Sus and the guys to your guys? fist and chest bumps I guess;} We miss you all and echo the forever amazing deal we have going on together!!!!!!