Sunday, May 1, 2011


[forgot to add this one yesterday]

[involves the actual doing or experiencing of something rather than just a theory or idea of it]

This is a term that I know very well from my husband.

But I love when it doesn't just have to be in him.
It can be found in me too.

Reading through 2 Corinthians.
Chapter 4.

Ah, the picture of being treasures in jars of clay.
Don't we all take a deep breath at that visual ... like thank You that I'm supposed to have holes and cracks in my jar and that it's about what is flowing out of the inner parts.

And then I get to those 4 words in verse 16.

"... renewed day by day."

Lots of times I think, Okay God, how do I become this? How can you mold me like that? And then lots of times I buy into that lie of "that's just not my personality" or "I don't feel like doing or being that way".

Then as I enter into His Presence, and press into His thoughts, what do I find?
That I am being renewed.

I know this because I'm actually looking forward to a conference that Scott and I are going to today for 4 days. Might be lame to you. But let me tell you, this is remarkable. That I would actually be wanting to move forward with this process [of moving to East Asia] rather than become resistant.

He is renewing me.

I am beginning [I repeat, beginning] to see what I have been whispering to my Father.

"What are you making?" or "How come I don't have handles?"
Isaiah 45:9

How could I ask my Maker why he's formed me the way that He has?
How could I ask my Lord why He's chosen this path for me?

So as I read through 2 Corinthians 4,
I saw that verse practically playing out in my life.
Because he is equipping me. Renewing me.
Because I'm looking forward.
Not looking down for oh my gosh where is the next step because I can't see that my foot has a place for it, but looking straight to Him knowing that He has a secure place for that next step because ...

I know that He knows what He is making.
He knows why I don't have handles.


  1. Girl, I am with you. I feel like that has been us for a long time, with uncertainty in our future, and never even being able to guess where we'll be in 6 months. Thanks for writing this out, I totally understand what you're saying.

  2. I'm excited that you're getting excited about being here!!! and Noah is getting so big! I just can't. wait. for him and Maddox to play together!!