Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Gigi [my mom's "grandmother name"] has been planning a beach trip for some time now.

She's one of those really thoughtful people
who happen to really wait until the last minute
to act on her thoughtfulness.

To me, those two things seem like complete opposites.
To her, it makes total sense.

This beach trip was a different story.

The most ahead planned trip that I've ever seen her do.
She booked it knowing that it would be a good time for all of us.

Scott & I still have a few months of being in the States.
Sarah is out of class.
And Dad. Well, he's just Dowe. Hunky dory about life.

Little did we know, this trip would come in perfect sync with our circumstances.

It's really a celebration.

A celebration of life. Days and more days that we don't deserve.
Yesterdays and the day before's that we count as blessings to have had.

But then it can make you rethink life.

That's what happened for me when we heard that Mom had cancer [the pink is for you, Mom. Just in case you haven't already had enough of it].
Makes you wonder.

What is life?
Is today the last day?
Or is tomorrow?
How long will I have with her?

[possibly my favorite of them]

God works those things out. Transforms us in the process.
Those questions that pull you closer to Him or drive you further away.

I want to know Christ and because He is all and in all.
Then what is this about?

You find yourself repeating what is true.
[and planting your roots deep, deep down into His truth]

All I know is that He is renewing me and my family through this season.And today we rejoice in that Mom is cancer free. 8 months later.

What a timely little beach trip.
It's a celebration, really.


  1. Oh man, I love that pic of Dowe and Brenda. Sooo sweet!

  2. 8 months later - it's truly a NEW BEGINNING !! very much a celebration...
    love you all !
    Jolie Bradham