Monday, September 13, 2010

the things they make you say.

i know it's weird.
but this face makes me blurt out
cutie patootie.

and just because i had to show you the
rest of the pictures from

he loved staring at our curtains. white curtains. what the heck is
so interesting about that? as scott says, "we may never know".

this looks like a little school photo or something.
or maybe a picture showing the
definition of a square head.

[the pictures look a little different because i was messing with the different settings. don't ask me why i feel the need to say that, i just do. it was bothering me to think of not mentioning it.]


  1. He is probably counting the threads in the curtains--smartest baby ever!!! :)

  2. haha- i found that singing 'i found a boogie in your nose" makes her smile and laugh. who would have thought something so gross would make her do something so cute!