Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a BOY!

First thing's first...
Let me introduce you to Dr. Chan Fan:

SO MUCH details to share. Here's a few.
Appointment at Dr. Office: location is about 5 minutes from us.

So she started the ultrasound [which are given at EVERY appointment in HK] and Scott and I already were thinking we could tell that it was a boy. That little baby has already grown so much.

Me: Dr. Chan when will you be able to tell what the baby is?

Dr. Chan: Oh I already know. It is a boy. Here you see one leg. There is the other leg. And there you see "somefing" in the middle.

SO CRAZY. I am only 14 weeks. She said she was 100% sure, so we called our parents and just rejoiced over God providing a baby boy. Things are getting a lot more real. Especially when my dad is chanting over the phone...

"I'm gonna have a huntin' buddy. I'm gonna have a huntin' buddy."

We kept seeing his little hand touching his face.
Dr. Chan told us he is going to be a "finker" [thinker].

We REALLY like Dr. Chan. Out of all the doctors in HK, God allowed us to come in contact with her. So good.

Union Hospital
YES, we are having our baby in Hong Kong. May sound weird if you haven't visited this place, but it's super clean and similar to the U.S. [No worries.]
  • About a 10 minute taxi ride from where we live = awesome. I love a taxi ride.
  • Super clean hospital
  • Only 11 floors. Wasn't huge or intimidating at all.
  • They showed us our options of rooms. That was really fun to see.
  • No one was screaming in labor in the halls so that was comforting. Let me tell you, I had LOW standards so I wouldn't be disappointed... like I was picturing slight chaos and LOTS of people, but this hospital really is impressive.
  • They actually have options of different levels of rooms. SUPER. I wasn't really digging the "you are one of many in the room" kind of thing.

I'll put a picture of Noah in my tummy up later. It's starting to be noticable. Woo hoo! I'm ready for it to pop on out and quit looking like I just ate too much.


  1. YAYAAAYAY!!! Can't wait to see little Noah McGuire!! Love yall so much! See you SOON!

  2. cat and scott!! yay! im so excited. when you come home to visit in shower!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! So excited for y'all!

  4. Yay yay yay! Boys are so much fun! Love the name! :) Congrats!!!

  5. We are SO happy for you! What a gift from God, and we love his name, Noah.

    Mary Claire

  6. guys..this is so exciting! so noah is his name?

  7. Boys are great!! You and Scott = great parents