Saturday, February 6, 2010

For our Parents

Since they're probably the only ones who will care about these
blurry little things that hardly show much.

It is amazing, though, how fast our baby is growing.

I can actually make out what his tiny body parts are.

So starting from our first doctor's visit:

[We never showed you this one. Look inside the smallest black circle and you'll see a TINY white dot. That's him.]

Moving on to 10 weeks:

[You've seen this one. We put it on our support updates.]

Here is our last visit, finding out it's a boy:
[Isn't it amazing how the ultrasounds have changed so much? Just within weeks.]

I don't know if the picture makes any sense. But this is where Dr. Chan told us she thought he was going to be a "finker". His head is on the very right and his feet are up there on the left.

I love these little pictures.


  1. You should have said for your parents and siblings!! Also the ultrasounds only get better from here! It's funny that once you have a baby you can tell exactly what things are on the ultrasound.

  2. I love seeing the first pictures him! I can hardly wait until July 31st! And thanks for pointing out things because I never can see what is what on ultrasounds.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I am in love.

  4. He is beautiful!

  5. precious. I know I cannot stop looking at ours... it only gets better!!! congrats again!!

  6. Catherine - Just want to say congratulations on baby Noah. I've been watching your journey from afar, and I am amazed by your strength and your faith in God's plan for your life! You guys are an inspiration. May God continue to bless your ministry & your growing family. :)

    Sarah (Young) Boutwell

  7. you can totally see his sweet little body! how crazy and wonderful and exciting!