Thursday, December 6, 2012

three months old

it's cliche, i i know, but i can't believe it.

she's just so pretty and sweet. just about anyone who is around her would say the same.

the other day, noah took one of his toys and smashed it down on her head a couple of times. it was awful. she didn't cry [super surprised]. i almost did. 

after a few spankings and a time out later, noah invited her to come and sit on his couch. i was impressed and i grabbed my camera.

these next blurry ones capture their relationship well.

 somehow that little addie joy is still fascinated with her big brother. he can run at her with his mouth and arms wide open and she still loves him.

i need a few lessons from our tiny little daughter.
glad she's here all day teaching me gentleness.


  1. I officially can't stand how cute your kids are. THOSE DIMPLES. Love them both!

  2. oh hey, sweet adelaide! i wish i could hug her and squeeze her...but i guess that pink puffy suit will have to do for now. love you.