Tuesday, September 6, 2011

whose plan is it anyway?

It's a good thing... how He chooses to spring forth joy and draw in people.

[pictures taken on a campus]

Thankful that Noah's little smiling dimples are part of His plan.

Babies seem to be the hardest part about being here.
Yet the most rewarding.

If it were up to me, I'd have my babies in Auburn, AL and live right down the street from my family and thirty minutes from Scott's. The kids, all having dimples of course, would grow up riding tractors and playing on playgrounds that were sanitary. I'd never worry about grandmothers trying to pull my kids' diapers off because they'd rather them wear "split pants". We'd go through Chick Fil A drive thru's and have red mouths from eating way too many slushies at ball parks.

I would never plan on moving to a far away place. That would be super unfair to my kids' lives. Right? All that stuff they'd miss out on?

But what if what they would miss out on is right here on the other side of the world. What if the injustice done to their lives would be for us to stay put in Auburn, AL.

Swarms of people surround our kids over here. They are magnets. I believe it's not just by chance, but that He's doing something. And I'm convinced that it's good.

It is exactly what makes the overwhelming and crying moments [where in my head I may even be saying I want my Momma!] worth it. That we're building in to something much greater than what my little pea brain can fathom.


  1. Oh my word...I've read your last several posts and you are an AMAZING! blogger...honestly, you have the touch. So, so thankful for the chance to know you this way how I know some of who I consider to be my dearest friends and I've only known them through blogging. I feel even closer to you than this summer through the way you share your heart here:} LOVE!!!!!