Sunday, August 21, 2011

goodbyes & settling

we shared some goodbyes about a week ago.
scott's family too.

we got on the plane.

landed. where people swarmed noah.

got to our apartment super late in the night.

then woke up to stroll around what seems to be a park that we live in. it's amazing.

got a little something to scoot around on.

travelled here and there in these little taxi [ish] 3 wheelers.

[SO hot here. yesterday it was 108. um. you read it right.]

we've just been settling in and talking to our families on the other side of the world. trying to describe what it's like here. hardest thing to do. because we love it. and it's difficult.

i'm not sure if that will ever change. and that's the hard part to swallow.

i just started today reading the J Storybook. the kid's version. today i read this sentence and realized why i was being prompted to begin reading it for myself:

"And they were lovely because he loved them."
[the song of creation, from the first 2 chapters of gen]

this place and these people are lovely because he loves them.

i have access to viewing this culture through the lense of a child.
and that's exactly what i intend to do.


  1. wow. i love this entry cat. love what he has done in y'all and what he is doing in y'all. i definitely see his hand. lifting all of y'all up.

  2. Love you three! Praying for your settling in.