Thursday, October 7, 2010

filled to be emptied

here we are.

and i absolutely love it here.
thought we'd stay for 3 months.
3 actually turned into 12.

12 until we head back to the other side of the world.
which feels like forever away from home.
[which is why He is allowing time to grow my desire.
and time to grow scott's patience.]

even since the very first day of arriving "home", i've thought ...
wow, father. i've never experienced the richness of your kindness like this.


ever since then, i've heard Him telling me that the very purpose of being filled in this season is to be emptied in the next.


  1. if the "emptying" that you're speaking of is the "emptying" that I'm in now, then know that I am and will be praying for you! And I hope that you're emptying is no where near as empty as my emptying. And on a happier note... I love your sweet family picture!

  2. We are thrilled that you will be home for the next year. It will give your mom time to heal and it will give Noah and the families time to really know one another. It has to be God's work.

    Love you-
    Mary Claire