Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chef joel.

scott's brother took over our apartment last night and cooked a super fun dinner in a super tiny kitchen.

so grateful to have him here. [even when he stays late at night to watch the soccer games with the LOUD horns coming from the crowds.
anyone else feel like that noise is slightly unbearable?]

scott snuck some random pictures of me playing at his desk. when i looked through my camera, i thought OH how weird my body looks with a blob sitting in the front of it. funny to see pictures of yourself in these kinds of phases. i feel like it's not really me. maybe that's why i'm totally fine displaying solo shots in an out of control way these days.

i told scott that girls really don't enjoy pictures from a downward angle. it's just not good for anybody. get with it. so he was like oh okay and then took this one:

hmm. yeah not quite this extreme, but - future grandparents - [you'll be glad to know] we're working on our picture taking skills before noah gets here. scott's good with numbers and memorizing the settings. i'll take on the creativity part. hopefully we'll balance each other out for this next phase of picture taking life.

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